Dell IPS-Based Displays Launched

Dell has launched a couple of new displays that use IPS (in-plane switching) panels. The two new displays called the U2211H and the U2111H measure 21.5 inches and 23 inches respectively.

Each display is capable of full HD at 1080p and due to the IPS technology used, the image quality is higher than that used in regular LCD screens.

Official details of how they perform has not been revealed just yet, but due to IPS each should have a wider viewing angle and sharper image quality.

Each has a DisplayPort and DVI input and the screens can produce a 1000:1 static contrast ration. As well as being a monitor, a handy USB hub with 4 ports is built in to the screens.

The IPS displays should be on the Dell site today sometime with the 21.5 inch model costing $280 and the larger 23 inch model costing just $20 more at $300.

Via: Electronista

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