Dell Inspiron Nickelodeon Theme

dell-nickelodeon-miniDell have announced a new Dell Mini netbook that is designed to look like a Nickelodeon theme. It is designed to look like the Slime motif as well as other very familiar character themes such as SpongeBob Square Pants and iCarly.

The Dell Mini 10 netbooks will be used for these new designed and are aimed at children to help provide a safe computing experience. Their full goal is quoted below.

First, help provide a safe computing experience. Second, provide superior educational content as well as a world-class entertainment experience. Third, partner with trusted brands. The Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition passes with flying colors on all counts.

Although Dell netbooks do not show up in our best netbooks feature, they still are actually very good in general and well worth checking out.

Via: SlipperyBrick and available at Dell.


  1. ladycrucial says

    i got this,,,super thanks to my parents,,,this one is good

  2. hi. Im also using Dell Mini Netbook,and it s really great.

  3. I have this, but not the Nickelodeon Print.

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