Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet – Launching December for $549

Dell is about to sell the Inspiron Duo Tablet. The launch date will be the first week of December and when launched, it will have a price tag of $549.99.

The tablet is unique in that its a laptop with a revolving screen that allows you to work with the device as a tablet or netbook. Unlike most other tablet/netbook devices, this has two hinges and allows the screen to rotate within the frame rather than on a single rotating hinge point.

As for specs, the Duo Tablet has a 10 inch LCD screen, 2GB RAM, 1.5GHz CPU and a 250GB hard drive.

The Duo Tablet is part of the Inspiron range of laptops that can be found on the Dell website.


  1. Does anyone know how much the Duo will weigh or what the battery life is expected to be?

  2. Make Monster says

    This is perfect for me, as I like the idea of a tablet but don’t want to sacrafice a physical keyboard yet. Well done Dell

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