Dell Android Phone going to the US

Dell-Android-mini3i_2The Dell Mini 3i that was reported recently as going to China only now appears to be moving to the US also in the next few months.

The Mini 3i will be shipping in the US and will be aimed at competing with other Android handsets from companies such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola who are quickly making a mark in that territory.

When Crunch Gears tipster had a play with the Mini 3i it was reported that the phone was cheap and plasticky but it is expected that the phone will be spruced up when it makes it to the US.

As well as having a better feel the phone will get an upgraded camera at 5 megapixels vs the 3 megapixels of the China version.

One of the downsides of the Dell Mini 3i is that Dell have messed with some of the library’s which will prevent some applications from loading.

More official details should follow soon.

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