Dell Adamo XPS Pics

Dell-Adamo-XPS-OpenA few weeks ago the Dell Adamo XPS was very briefly spotted but only closed up and only for a minute or so. Then shortly after some official pictures showed up that showed the slim notebook from the side and also closed up.

PCMag managed to get a brief but of time with the XPS today which was originally touted as launching today along with Windows 7, however, this is not the case according to Dell.

The Adamo XPS looks fantastic. It measures less than an inch thick, is built very well and has a cool catch mechanism that opens up the lid of the laptop when you glide your finger across the edge of it.

The keyboard is chiclet style and the hinge is unique in that it raises the back end of the keyboard a little due to the hinge connection not being at the edge of the base and screen.

Dell have said there is no official launch date, but that it will have Windows 7 installed.

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