Dell 7 Inch Tablet Could Arrive in Weeks

Rumours started back in April about a Dell Streak 7 inch and 10 inch model being launched. Up till now, only the 5 inch model actually made it on sale.

Recently, Michael Dell himself mentioned that a 7 inch tablet was being looked in to although no specifics could be revealed last week when he made the comment. More details of the 7 inch version have now appeared and it seems like a 7 inch model could be landing as early as this month.

He said Dell will launch “a whole slew” of new products in the next 6-12 months, including additional three-inch, four-inch and 10-inch devices.

“In fact, very much in the near future we’ll be launching the seven-inch tablet as well as the additional three-inch product,” he said.

The new 7 inch model will be another Android based tablet although there are possibilities of other models using Chrome OS (perhaps the 10 inch model).

As for release dates for the larger 10 inch model, expect it sometime next year as its 6 to 12 months away at the moment.

Via: WSJ and Mac Rumors

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