Deli Touch – Automated Food Ordering

If you struggle to impress your date with your ease of ordering up a foreign meal, then a restaurant using Deli Touch might be your better option. Deli Touch is a device which uses wireless technology to connect to the restaurants kitchen. When ordering, you touch the pen on to the menu on the items you wish to order. The pen has a camera which scans the codes and the wireless features transmit this data to the kitchen. Once the order has been placed a voice confirms that all is OK and a few minutes later your food arrives.

Apparently this technology has been around in Japan for a while, but this new version has more user friendly menu’s that cater more towards the elderly. The system comes with 1 server, 30 pens and a printer and costs 45000 YEN a month for rental which equates to about $416 which is not bad at all. That is actually cheaper then a waiter although they would need a robot to bring the food out to you. Maybe that’s next year.

Via: kilian-nakamura


  1. What a great idea although it probably limits your options a little; as someone with food allergies I wouldn’t feel comfortable ordering anything without talking to a staff member first. I’m sure I’m the exception not the rule though and if you’re a regular it’s probably not an issue at all.

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