Deal of the Day: Nextar SNAP5 GPS Navigator

Nextar-SNAP5-Portable-GPS-NavigatorAmazon have a great deal on the Nextar SNAP5 slimline portable satnav starting today. The normal price is $429.95 and today they are selling it with a 56% discount knocking around $240 off the price bringing it down to just $189.99.

The Nextar SNAP5 has a 5 inch touchscreen display and is enclosed in a 0.7 inch thick casing making it quite a slim personal satnav unit. As well as a fairly good sized display the Nextar has a magnetic dock allowing to to be quickly mounted in your car and the unit has 2 stereo speakers for good sound quality.

Maps of the whole US and Canada are included in this unit and text to speech is used (English language) to speak out street names rather than a generic “turn left in 100 yards” message.

The included maps are stored on a 2GB SD card that allows them to be easily installed. A number of POI’s are also included allowing you to more easily track down the nearest hotel or gas station.

Key SNAP5 Features

# Touch-screen display: Provides interfacing capability while map is being viewed
# Built-in speaker: No extra wires or speaker to connect
# 3D building display: Buildings can be shown in 3D to serve as landmarks, helping the driver know exactly when to turn
# Text-to-Speech: Safety feature that allows driver to keep eyes on the road while getting directions; clearly pronounces names of streets encountered during drive
# Points of Interest: Name or description of a specific location that user may find useful or interesting; generally indicated by an icon on the map
# Lithium -Ion Battery: Lightweight, holds charge longer, and does not suffer from memory effect compared to similar batteries
# SD card slot: Provides additional memory and is used for MP3 playing or JPEG image viewing
# Day and Night modes: Night mode offers additional lighting on screen for easier viewing
# MP3 playing: Allows driver and/or passengers to listen to favorite MP3 files while in vehicle
# JPEG viewing: View photos and other graphics while in vehicle
# Favorite address storage: Quick, easy way to find addresses of frequently visited destinations
# Route recalculation: Instantly changes route if driver misses turn
# Built in antenna: Ensures reception of signal without running additional wires
# Stylus: Allows user to point more accurately than using a finger to small areas on the display screen

What’s in the Box

Nextar SNAP5 5-inch GPS Navigation System, AC Adapter, Car Adapter, USB cable, Pouch, Mounting cradle, Dashboard mount disk, Mounting Bracket, 2GB SD card

It’s quite an impressive discount for this Sat Nav model and well worth a look should you need a satnav.


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