Deal of the Day: Kodak Zx1 HD Camcorder £39.97

Amazon have a cracking deal on the Kodak Zx1 HD Camcorder at the moment bringing the price down from £149.99 all the way down to £39.97.

The camera is capable of capturing video in 720p HD and comes with 128MB of internal memory. Although this will only be good for a few minutes of video capture, you can purchase an additional SD or SDHC card for quite cheap at the moment which still makes the £110 saving a cracking deal.

The camera can be connected up to YouTube with it’s built in software and allows you to easily upload to the free service direct from the camera.

In terms of storage, about 1GB will get you 20 minutes of HD footage at 30 frames per second. A compatible 16GB SDHC memory card can be found here that will allow for just over five hours of recording.

Available now from Amazon in the UK.


  1. I REALLY wish I had the £40 on me at the moment… This is just an amazing deal.

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