Deal of the Day: Creative Labs Vado HD 8GB Pocket Video Camera – 50% Off

Amazon have a great deal on the Creative Labs Vado HD 8GB pocket camcorder at the moment. Normally it sells for $199.99, but now has been reduced to $99.99 giving a 50% saving ($100 off) price. The HD camcorder is capable of capturing video in a 720p resolution. Built in is 8GB of storage that allows for 2 hours to be captured, or 8 hours if used in VGA mode.

The Vado HD has a 2 inch display showing a feed of the video you are recording as well as being home to various menus to control the functions of the cameras. The Vado HD also has a HD output allowing you to connect up to a HDTV via a HDMI cable.

The lens has a 2 times digital zoom allowing for clear video to be captured although please note that it doesn’t have optical zoom which would have been the better of the two options.

To connect it up to your computer a built in USB connector can be found where you simply plug it in to transfer files as well as charge the Vado HD up from your laptop.

It’s a nice camera at a good price and although it’s not quite cinema quality by any means, these types of devices are very portable and allow you to quickly capture moments as they happen.

Available from Amazon.

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