Dead Cool GPS Navigator

Provia GPS Navigator
This Sat Nav device from Provia looks amazing. The images are displayed on an 800 x 400 7 inch display. As well as having a great looking screen, the GPS will have 3D models of landmark buildings to add a more realistic view to the navigation system. Also the Provia is capable of showing a picture in picture set up allowing DVDs to be watched while navigating although hopefully that wont pose a risk to drivers as it seems odd to mix the two together. The processor powering the Provia A1 is a 520MHz Intel PXa270 and the device has 128 Meg of RAM with an expansion slot too which allows for an SD card up to 2GB to be used.

This particular GPS device only seems to becoming available on the other side of the world in Korea. I think its time they send one over here for trial.

Via: SlipperyBrick

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