DDRdrive X1 RAM Based SSD is Quick!

The DDRdrive X1 is a RAM based SSD that mixes together both flashed based SSD with RAM to providing lightning fast transfer speeds. The 4GB of flash based memory is the primary storage area while the 4GB of RAM is used for the read/writes. When your computer is switched off, all the data from the 4GB of RAM is dumped on to the 4GB of flash in just 60 seconds.

This method of using RAM while the PC is on allows data to be moved extremely quickly. However, there is one snag with it… the DDRdrive X1 will currently cost you $1495 when launched. It does show what we could be seeing standard in a few years time though which isa good thing.



  1. Mark Northcott says

    RAM cache has been needed by ssd technology for some time now, and is the primary hurdle that needs to be jumped in order for it to be accepted much more. this product really should have battery power on board in the case of power outages or to create “faster” computer shutdowns (by using the battery to offload the RAM after the computer has shut down.

  2. Matthew says

    Not only for faster shutdowns, but power outages too. I’d hate for all my data to be suddenly lost because the SSD didn’t get a chance to get data dumped to it when power went out. At the price you are paying for this I’d hope some simple battery backup solution is on board.

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