D.A.V.E Seagate Wireless Storage Drive

Seagate have created D.A.V.E which interpreted means Digital Audio Video Experience. D.A.V.E is a small pocket sized hard drive which has 3 connectivity options built in which are USB, Wifi and Bluetooth. What this drive does allow that other drives do not, is carry much more data around with you and leave it in your pocket while you access it. It will allow you to carry an entire music collection, many photo albums, a number of movies and countless documents. When connected to the drive you can simply browse it like you would a memory card inside a portable device. Security is obviously a basic demand of any consumer therefore for those of you conscious of ensuring personal data is secure, the bluetooth function requires that you pair the device before it will allow any data transfers to occur. We can assume the wireless features also feature encryption keys, but this has not been confirmed yet. More details after the jump.

The Seagate drive inside the case will currently hold 10Gb or 20Gb depending on the model you choose. Battery life keeps this drive on standby for 14 days and gives 10 hours of continuous usage, which is pretty good for any average user. Another unique feature of this drive is some kind of motion sensor. If it slips out of your pocket or you some how drop it, then the drive senses this within the first few centimeters of the drop. It will then park the drives head and lock it in place in preparation for the impact of the drop. This is a feature I do not recommend you testing, but it’s nice to know that your drive might not be dead when dropped. The Seagate wireless storage drive has many applications, as previously mentioned this can be used for music, business data, photos etc.. which will enable this product to appeal to a large general target market. I can see this being of particular interest to those who regularly have a need to transport high volumes of data, but don’t have the facility, or desire, to carry around their laptop with them or those who have a high dependancy on having access to data on demand.

Via: Scobleizer

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