Datopal SIM Card Multi Reader

The Datopal SIM card multi reader has the ability to read a vast amount of cards. As the name suggests, it can read SIM cards from mobile phones (both GSM and CDMA). Other cards this reader can use are SD\Mini SD\MMC\RS-MMC\T-Flash\Micro SD\MMC Micro\MS and SIM Cards. The device is USB 2.0 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1. The reader is also plug and play allowing you to connect it up to any PC and quickly transfer data from the source card. Datopal have also put in backup capabilities allowing you to quickly backup and restore data from your SIM card.

Overall I would say this is a very handy device to have as backups are key. Basically it sucks to loose your phone or any data. By having this reader you can keep a copy of everything.

Product Page ($12.99)

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