Datawind Ubisurfer now with Free Internet Access

datawind-ubisurferPocket Lint are reporting that the Datawind have got in to the netbook market and have created a new netbook that comes with 30 hours of free internet/month for the first year.

The initial price of £159.99 will include a connection to the internet via a GPRS or Wi-Fi connection so that the netbook can be used when out and about.

Specs for the netbook show that it’s quite low in performance. It has a small 7 inch screen with a large bezel around it and a resolution of just 800 x 480 pixels. A 1GB SSD is included for storage and it comes with just 128MB of RAM. A microphone is built in along with a speaker, earphone jack, touchpad, SD card slot and 3 USB ports.

The operating system is datawinds own and has a web browser, calendar, media player, XIP Office, PDF viewer, Email, paint and a few games. It’s a very basic netbook, but at a low price of £159.99 with free internet for the first year, who can really complain at that?

The netbook will go on sale at Maplin in the UK soon.

Via: Coated

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