Darth Vader Phone

Darth Vader Phone
For those investigating their dark side you might want to check out the Darth Vader phone. When receiving a call the Darth Vader phone can play tunes such as the Imperial March which brings your living room to life. When in a call you can make it do the heavy breathing as well as lightsaber noises. When ringing Darths head will rotate around. If you have some visitors then you can switch it to be a normal phone so you dont scare them away.

Darth Vaders helmet acts as the phone and has buttons on it for reproducing sound effects while in a call or if you just want to entertain your self. As well as all the sound effects you get basic features which as last number dialling. The phone is 30cm high and needs 3 C size batterys to run.

If the dark side is too luring then maybe the R2D2 phone is for you.

Product Page Via: Gizmodo

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