Darling DP2000 Pico Projector with Built in Windows CE

DP2000-ProjectorPico projectors have been springing up quite a bit this last year. Most are a tiny bit larger than a mobile phone, have a single or low double digit lumen rating and most have a 640 x 480 resolution. The Darling DP2000 is really no different in that it does all that. However, what makes this particular projector stand out is that it has a WinCE powered computer built in.

By having this capability it allows a full working system to be used on the 1 device making presentations, email, messaging etc… very easy to use. The DP2000 has a top mounted touchpad as well as a couple of mini USB ports allowing you to hook up a mouse and keyboard.

The DP2000 pico projector comes with 1GB of flash based storage built in and can be expanded by using the SD card slot. The unit sells for $180.

Via: Engadget

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