CZC C9 Netbook – New Worlds Thinnest

CZC-C9-NetbookThe CZC C9 netbook is built by Zichuang Technology who claim it to be the worlds thinnest netbook. The netbook measures just 5 millimeters in thickness (0.2 inches) and weighs just 750 grams.

The CZC C9 has an ARM11 based processor and has an 8.9″ screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Also included in the netbook is 1GB or RAM, 8GB of storage (flash based), 2 USB ports and a VGA port.

The battery provides around 6 – 9 hours of working time with the netbook running Linux that has been customised. The netbook will cost $220 when launched. It is unclear yet if the netbook will be launched out of China.

I’m not 100% convinced yet of it being the worlds thinnest as the 0.2 inch claim does show the netbook being measured at the thinnest point and it does get larger as you look further down the side profile.



Via: OhGizmo and Cloned in China

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