Cypress Hover Detection Tracks Your Finger Above the Screen

Cypress today announced the development of a new finger tracking system called Hover Detection that works in conjunction with TrueTouch. The system allows users to hover their finger over the screen of a phone whereby the phone can track where the finger is hovering and provide information back to the user on the screen. The system will work similar to mouse-over where you can move a mouse over an object on a PC and a status pops up in some cases explaining what the mouse is looking at.

The system is compatible with any TrueTouch capacitive touchscreen built by Cypress. The system aims to give the user an extra degree of control allowing users to scroll around a screen and see what they want to look at before tapping the screen. Another use described by Cypress is a zoom bubble that follows the finger around allowing you to zoom in to information you are pointing at.

The system is expected to be made available in the next couple of months to manufacturers which could mean we start seeing the technology by the end of the year in tablets, phones and portable navigation devices.

The video below shows a demonstration of how Hover Detection functions.

Via: SlashGear

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