Cyberman Replica Display Helmet

Cyberman Dr Who
For those who love Dr Who, then you need to check this out. Firebox are now offering the Cyberman Replica Display Helmet which you can buy. Cybermen are another of Dr Who’s enemies along side the Daleks too. When all 3 are in a room it is sure to be a great episode to watch on the screen. The cyberman helmets are created from the original moulds used for the latest Dr Who series and are not low in quality. They are made of 11 seperate components and the majority are cast in cold aluminium resin which makes the helmet look as it did on the screen and also cold to touch. None of these helmets are the same due to how they are produced although you would have to have a keen eye to spot the differences.
Cyberman Cyberman
Do not try to wear this 🙂 It’s display only, so unfortunatly you cannot go scaring your friends.

Own yours now for the hefty price tag of 569.95 pounds. Order now from Firebox.

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