Cyber Quad VTOL Drone

cyberquad1This flying object is built by an Australian company called Cyber Technology and is capable of vertical take off and landing. The Cyber Quad as it’s called has four ducted fans to provide lift to fly it around as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. As well as being able to fly around it does have a real use in that a HD camera is attached that can beam back live video from locations it is scouting out.

One recent example was when it was used on an oil platform where the Cyber Quad was flown in to capture video of what was happening and any damage that had been caused. It is capable of flying for about 40 minutes on a single charge, but as it’s easy to manoeuvre it can easily be perched on a pad so that the camera can be moved around while the Quad isn’t flying to save battery life.

The full set appears to include glasses which I assume are used to monitor the video feed, and a standard remote control unit is also provided that appears to have similar controls to an RC helicopter ie, up, down, rotate left/right, forwards, backwards.

More details over at Wired and CG.




  1. where do u get these stuff? where could i possibly buy it from

  2. where can i get it at and how much

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