CyanogenMod 7 Arrives on the Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire has got its first taste of regular Android thanks to CyanogenMod 7. The team have managed to install a regular version of Android on to the new tablet to give it a more Androidy feel.

As with all CM updates, in the beginning they start off a little broken. In this case, the touchscreen started off a little broken as the touch sensor was in portrait while the screen was in landscape. This was fixed shortly after. Here is a list of what works on the CM7 update for the Kindle Fire.

battery life shows in 1% increments and it charges normally (phew)
wifi scans, but it doesn’t connect
egl works, but scrolling is somewhat sluggish at times
screen rotation works and is actually pretty quick
mounting the sdcard to a computer works
brightness is set to 100% as automatic brightness is not configured yet (might be missing a library)

Full details as well as information on where you can download the CM7 update can be found over on XDA Developers.

One thing to note is that installing this might now allow you to access the Amazon Market and some Kindle functions (according to some thread contributes). We are unable to test at the moment.

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