Cyanogen Uploads a Google Nexus One ROM

Cyanogen has launched a new image for the Google Nexus One phone that opens it up to have a number of new applications installed such as tethering.

The sub title of the post suggests that this is just the start of a lot more to come as it says “something to play with for now…”.

To get the new image on to the Nexus One it requires that you root your N1 (and warns you to not follow through if you are worried at a slim chance of bricking your phone). Once rooted you then just follow some simple instructions to download and install the image on the N1.

Once the new image is installed you can then go ahead and download the wired tether, VPNC client, Adfree, N1 Torch and SetCPU to 1GHz.

Impressive stuff after the Nexus One was launched just a few days ago. Full thread with instructions can be found at XDA Developers.

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