Cyanogen Mod Creator Hired by Samsung

A recent announcement has confirmed that the Cyanogen Mod creator, Steve Kondik, is now working for Samsung Mobile. The details came from an update on Facebook where confirmation of the new job was detailed.

For those unfamiliar with Cyanogen Mod, it is a modified version of Android that runs on various smartphones. The project started back in 2009 and allowed those with the T-Mobile G1 to get the latest versions of Android before T-Mobile got around to pushing them out. It moved on to a number of smartphones over the last couple of years and has become a very popular aftermarket ROM. Numbers indicate that the ROM runs on about 500,000 Android smartphones (or more).

Steve Kondik in his own words has said “I will be working on making Android more awesome.”

Expect to see some interesting things from Samsung and hopefully some quicker official updates rather than having to wait months, perhaps over a year to get the latest version of Android on a smartphone.


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