Cube World

Here is a funny little toy from called Cube World. I guess it’s similar to Tamagotchi.

Cube World is a game where you have little pixelised stick men which live in a cube. You then connect one cube to another and you begin your cube world.


Basically each Cube World contains a little pixellated stick man who lives and plays inside. There are four characters to collect and each one has a different hobby: Slim plays with a stick, Dodger enjoys kicking his ball, Scoop interacts with his dog, and Whip is a dab hand at rope tricks.


The buttons on the front allow you to play games with your stick man.

When they are connected together then the fun begins. They can play catch, train together and play allsorts of other games. The best and most fun will be when they have a full blown punch up with each other 🙂 Sounds like a great laugh.

Available from
And – Cube World Series 1: Scoop and Slim

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