CrunchPad to Cost $300 – $400 with Sponsorships

crunchpadOn a recent broadcast of the Gillmor Gang videocast Mike Arrington was asked about the Crunchpad which we really haven’t heard of much recently. According to Mike, the crunchpad is steamrolling with a lot of development being done this past month on the software. When launched (no dates yet), the crunchpad is expected to cost $300 – $400 and will be supported by sponsorships. Mike was quick to point out that the sponsorships would not be intrusive perhaps just like the firefox google search sponsorships. The device is also a web browser only device that’s aimed at a market to allow users to sit in front of the TV while catching up on news and youtube, watching video etc…

The video also mentions battery power with Mike saying they expect it to be good, and as they look in to other technologies such as OLED they can make battery life better. Conversation also spoke of colour e-ink and perhaps a future in that with a particular company expecting colour e-ink to be available next year. Each of these advances should increase battery life as power consumption gets lower and lower.

Although no release dates were discussed (that I spotted), Mike did say to expect a big announcement soon. Conversation of the Crunchpad starts around the 39 minute mark in the video below.

Via: UMPCPortal

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