Cradlepoint CTR500 Mobile Broadband Router

CradlepointMobile broadband this last year has started to become quite popular. The ability to put a SIM card in a compatible laptop, or use a USB dongle has allowed people on the move to connect to the internet where ever they can pick up a 3G mobile phone signal. The Cradlepoint CTR500 takes things a step further by allowing a number of computers to connect to it and share the connection. This comes in handy for people on business trips or maybe even groups who want to work together sharing the same connection.

The CTR500 connects up to EVDO and 3G networks and creates a wireless network for other computers to connect to it. You do need to connect a USB model to the device to connect to the web but once connected it allows up to 32 people to share the connection wirelessly.

The CTR500 mobile broadband router can also be used with an option antenna for improving signal quality to get the most out of it. It supports multiple VPN passthroughs and for wireless security it has WEP at 64/128Bit as well as WPA and WPA2 encryption.

The router costs $199 and is available from Cradlepoint Tech. Via: Redferret


  1. Routers have always been the ultimate THING to share internet connection. But this one from Cradelpoint seems to have an intention to change the era of broad band routers.

    Nice post…

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