Corega NAS

corega_hdd_bank_tera_alphaBacking up your data is essential these days due to the amount of photos, movies, documents and emails you have on your computer. One good way of backing up is by using a NAS (network attached storage) device. Corega have created a NAS that is well worth looking at.

The Corega NAS is named the HDD Bank Tera and comes in either a 1TB or 2TB size. The Corega NAS is RAID 0/1 compatible and supports DLNA, Active Directory as well as being capable of running iTunes Server. Drives in the NAS are hot swappable allowing you to quickly change drives as they go bad and keep the power on at the same time. The 1TB and 2TB models cost ¥35000 and ¥53000 respectively which at today’s exchange rate is $381 for the 1TB and $577 for the 2TB.

More Details Via: TechFresh

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