Cool Porsche Mobile Phone

The P9521 is designed by Porsche and looks great. It is the first ever designed phone by Porsche and is made from aluminium. The phone has a double hinge system which allows you to open the phone, rotate the screen and close it down in a similar way to the Clie. The glass on the screen is mineral glass and it does look amazing. Finger print scanning is built in and can replace a PIN code, or can be used to block access to certain parts of the phone. The camera is a 3.2 megapixel which is quite good and on the connectivity side there is GPRS and EDGE as well as being quad band. Bluetooth and USB are also built in.




Via: Tech


  1. alexander says

    I think it is a tight phone, although it is a bit thick, but you guys it a home run with that phone just got a very clean look and looks like I could run it over in my truck and it would be perfectly fine.

  2. hello. i’m sinthu from norway. i need to buy this phone porsche design. how can i buy. i don’t fin here in norway. help me 2 buy. how much is cost?

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