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Concept devices tend to be cool with some weird and wonderful ideas. These new USB flash drives are no exception and extremely cool although probably a little bit crazy. Sponge bob is the first drive which starts its life as a USB drive and when the drive fills up with data it slowly changes in to a blowfish. This is a unique way of showing how much data is on the flash drive. It is supposedly going to work with a micro pump powered by USB which can inflate the cover of the drive.

The next USB drive is some kind of weird Orange. Again, it works by the same way the sponge bob drive does in that it is inflated according to the amount of free space available on the USB drive. More pictures after the jump.



Although the concept might be a little crazy, I can still see it taking off with the younger generation and possibly in schools. The idea is unique and a much needed unique idea in a world full of the same old flash drives.

Via: Techlivez

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