Cool but Geeky Watches

Geek watches are kind of cool and geeky at the same time. They tend to have extra functions such as calculators, radios, games, music or even pulse sensors on them. I have owned a few of them in my life too so when I come across watches like these its always good for a laugh. The watch above is the VoiceMaster which I honestly have no idea what its for. I am guessing that the SPEAK and arrow pointing to a little black area means you need to speak to it to record your voice for playback or something. Kind of funny to look back on but I can imagine it was cool at the time.

The ThermoScanner watch appears to be a watch that just shows you radient heat with the built in thermometer. Again, its an old classic and cool to bring back the memories.

If you want a good look at different watches through out the last 20 or so years then check out the link below.

Via: Picturebookmarking

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