Converting your Laptop to an SSD Drive

SSD Compact Flash
SSD (solid state drives) are very handy devices for a few reasons. First, they use less power and therefore can allow your battery powered device to run longer between charges. Second, they have no moving parts and tend to be built for slightly harsher environments. However, on the downside they are more expensive per GB to purchase. If money isnt a problem and you want to buy your self an 8GB+ card then read on.

This mod will allow you to convert a standard SSD drive in to a 2.5 inch laptop drive. The device is made by Addonics and is a compact flash adapter which allows you to connect 2 compact flash cards and connect them to where the regular laptop hard drive would sit.

SSD Compact Flash

On the downside also, you wont get the best speeds of the latest SSDs that are out but it is still a cool mod that can be done if desired.

Product Page Via: SlashGear

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