Consolor Portable Games Console Concept

The Consolor is a concept games console designed by Joseph Dumary.

The console it’s self hasn’t been built and is simply a design although if made, it would certainly appeal to many people. It looks quite sleek. The front panel smooth other than where the controls are. The consolor looks slim and has the ability to connect up to 8 players together wirelessly to play against each other.

The most attractive feature about the Consolor is its capacity to support 8 players altogether. That sounds really tough to believe for one but very true that you and seven of your friends can get connected in a game via this console and enjoy a superb gaming experience. The wireless facility of the console too is strong enough to let the players transfer and receive files without any trouble.

Storage wise the concept shows it has 500GB with an SD card slot allowing a little bit more to be added to that.

More details can be found over at Walyou who specify all the technical specs. However, remember it is concept so any specs can be thrown together and that doesn’t mean it’s technically possible. It’s still a nice design to look at though!


  1. Joseph Dumary says

    Thanks for talking about my concept..but there’s a lot of things like Wireless communication between friends ( like Messenger) ..share pics and videos between friends..etc…

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