Confirmed: Angry Birds 2 is Coming

Rovio, the company who makes Angry Birds, has confirmed that a sequel is launching soon. The Angry Birds 2 sequel will be launching on consoles as well as Facebook.

The news comes from CEO Peter Vesterbacka who said at the Virtual Goods Summit that Angry Birds 2 will surprise people and that they want to make it bigger than Tetris.

We hear some hints of a two player mode being included in the update which would allow players to tackle each other and perhaps team up against the enemy. Other rumours also indicated that the game could be told from the perspective of the enemy although this is not confirmed.

Either way, we imagine that this will be a huge hit given the success of the original Angry Birds that continues to sell well.

We’ll keep a watch out for details of this one. Release dates are not known yet, but we expect to hear something in the coming weeks or months.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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