Concept Magnetic Levitating Keys on Keyboard

Concept Maglev Keyboard

Concept Keyboard with Floating Keys

The idea behind the concept Magnetic Keyboard is to make for a better natural and constant typing feeling by the use of magnets making each key levitate. The magnets are opposing each other forcing the key to float just above. When pressing the key, it makes contact and records it on screen. According to Embotec who are behind this idea, it is ideal for both typing and gaming. The good news is that it is due out in the second half of this year, so it wont be concept for too long.

More pictures available over at Aving.

Via: Aving


  1. these keys are not FLOATING?? i DON’T GET IT!!!

  2. From what I read, it seems like the do slightly levitate above the keyboard by just a fraction of a mm. A bit like the maglev trains.

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