Concept Clothes Label tag uses RFID

RFID Clothing Tag
According to a survey, 70% of people do not bother reading labels on clothing. This can of course cause problems with delicate clothing by damaging, shrinking, colours all merging etc… With the RFID Clothes Tag concept you need not worry again. By putting your RFID tagged clothes in to a compatible washing machine, you will never need to make setting changes again. The RFID will be detected and adjust the washing machine settings automatically so that nothing is damaged. The concept idea also makes mention of it communicating with your iron, dryer and presses so that exact temperatures are set when switching on the iron.

Concept Via: PCNews


  1. Does anyone else not want a giant homing beacon on their back. RFID is a sweet technology but unless someone develops an encryption that could work on such a low frequency as RFID than no thanks.

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