Compass iPad Stand

Check out the Compass iPad Stand. The new stand is a little different to other stands in that it folds up relatively small so it can be easily carried around. It is made of heavy gauge steel that makes it strong.

The Compass iPad Stand can hold the iPad in portrait or landscape mode and also is capable of laying more flat on a table should you want to type on your iPad at a more comfortable position.

The iPad stand costs $39.99 which isn’t too bad although perhaps a tad too expensive for some people.

In regards to what the stand can do in terms of day to day use… you can use the stand for gentle type work such as typing, flicking through photos or browsing the web. However, the company who create it warn that for playing games it’s best you don’t use the stand as you could knock it off with more aggressive touch.

Overall the stand looks great and is well worth checking out if you need an iPad stand soon.

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