Commodore VIC-20 Runs Twitter

Think back a good 20 – 25 years to the mid 80’s where computers such as the Sinclair Spectrum 128k+2 existed. You might also remember the Commodore VIC-20 that like the Spectrum +2, also loaded games and software from a cassette deck (or datacorder as Sinclair named it). It also had a 1 MHz CPU. The VIC-20 was kind of classed as a bad C64 due to the C64 selling extremely well.

This particular VIC-20 has been loaded with software called TweetVER which is short for Tweeting from a Vintage CompuTER. The software is about to be connected up to a twitter account found here and on the 20th of this month, the VIC-20 will send a live tweet from it’s speedy 1MHz based computer. Please note that there are 3 or so tweets on that account already, but just ignore them as they were not sent from an old computer.

An interesting fact that Gizmodo pointed out is that a computer today runs at about 419,430 times quicker than a VIC-20 did all them years ago. Please note I haven’t verified those numbers myself and am not too bothered if the 419,430 times quicker is accurate or not. All we do know is that computers today have a lot more memory and a lot faster CPU’s than in olden times.


  1. Anonymous says

    I think there’s one in the attic ! My hoarder tendencies are almost rewarded!

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