Comcast Xfinity Remote Apple iPad App Demoed

Comcast has created a new Apple iPad app that allows your iPad to interface with your cable box. The application gives a complete run-down of what’s on TV now and what is coming up soon. The software interfaces with the TV box allowing you to use the iPad as a giant remote control and channel guide.

Also the Xfinity Remote app allows you to search on-demand content where an in-depth review of each program is displayed on screen. Once you find the title you want to watch, just tap on the iPad screen to launch it on your TV.

Sharing abilities are also built in allowing you to join up with friends who run the same Comcast TV service and who also have the iPad app installed. You can then use the iPad to send an invite out to your friend to switch his TV channel to the same as yours.

It’s quite a handy application and one I hope we see come to the UK. Of course Sky and Virgin who provide digital TV will be the ones who need to create their own equivalent application to launch in the UK. Sky do have an app that works for the iPhone, but this app doesn’t have the ability to change channels etc… and can only be used to set remote recordings of programs when needed.

The Comcast app isn’t available just yet, but should be launched soon. Check out the video below to see it in action…

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. This app sounds great but I’m afraid DISH Network has already launched a similar app that does much more. The DISH Remote Access app lets me watch DVR recordings, live TV, and access thousands of TV shows and movies and even live TV. I work for DISH so I was quick to get all the proper equipment to be ready for the app once it was released. The best thing is that I can use it on my smart-phone anywhere I have internet access.

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