Comcast to Offer 105Mbps Internet Connections

It appears that Comcast is going to be offering broadband connectivity that could reach 105Mbps in speed.

The new service is to be called Extreme 105 and would give 105Mbps for downloads with a 10Mbps cap on the upload speeds. When purchasing the new package a new cable modem will be needed called the Arris WBM760 that allows for faster downloads.

It appears that the service is going to launch as early as next week, although all this comes from a users bill which showed a new package available, so we are a little unsure at the moment if this will go ahead just yet or not.

If so then there appears to be a $249 install fee with a subscription cost of $200/month.

Lets hope that Comcase do go ahead and roll this service out. Although 105Mbps is very quick, I think I’d rather wait till it becomes standard on a cheaper plan. But there will always be people who need/want speeds that quick.

Via: Electronista


  1. thecolor says

    Sadly, I cannot get the 12mbps I am paying for now. Even by upgrading the modem to the new Arris (as my old was clearly not cutting it)… they gave me 22mbps for 3 months free and this is what I get:

    Old plan – Motorola Surfboard, advertised 12mbps, hardly managed 4mbps (typically more like 1.5mbps when attempting streaming video)

    New Plan – Arris modem, advertised 22mbps, hardly managed 10mbps. In fact in several cases I’d get 22mbps upload and 10mbps down.

    So, I downgraded again to the 12mbps again due to frustration of not being able to get even 10mbps and since their lowest speed is 1.5mbps and my cellphone is faster.

    Using the same new Arris modem and back to the 12mbps plan I immediately got shoved back back down to 4mbps(ish).

    So, why can’t I get closer to the 12mbps I typically pay for on the 12mbps plan… and why can’t I get the 22mbps I was told I’d get with that plan?

    Clearly a change in plan gives me more speed, but they never match what you pay for.

    I’d never in a million years pay for 105mbps if I expected to get 22mbps

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