ColorWare Custom iPhone 4

ColorWare are well known for modifying the look of gadgets. We saw recently that they could provide a coloured XBox 360 Slim model. We now see that the iPhone 4 is being tackled by the company.

ColorWare allow you to customise the colours of the iPhone 4 which includes the main button, metal band, microSIM card tray and the back as well as the earbuds.

The ColorWare website lets you click on the part you want to change colour and select from a variety of colours.

The results can look a bit scary if you do what we did and just randomly pick colours, but if you do it right it could enhance the look of your phone somewhat.

The service for the iPhone 4 means you can only send in the iPhone 4 to be coloured. Sometimes the company allow you to buy the product coloured direct from the, but this isn’t possible with the iPhone 4.

The price for the colours we chose rose to $250 which included shipping costs. Kind of crazy if you ask me but for those who want a new look and don’t mind coughing up the cash, it might be a good deal.

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