Color ePaper Announced by E Ink

E Ink Holdings Inc. has has announced E Ink Triton that is essentially a color ePaper display.

“E Ink Triton marks a major milestone in the eBook revolution,” said Hanvon’s Chairmain Dr. Liu Yingjian. “E Ink has the right technology, manufacturing capability, and know-how to transition Hanvon’s product vision into reality. With E Ink Triton technology, Hanvon is enabled to release the world’s first color eBook reader today.”

E Ink Triton was created as the next logical step for eInk technology. Interesting features include 20 percent faster performance and the ability to read the color ePaper in direct sunlight. Battery life is up to a month for devices using this technology.

To see how the technology works, check out the video below.

E Ink Triton Imaging Film from E Ink Corporation on Vimeo.

Via: Engadget

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