Clickfree C2N Network Backup Drive

Clickfree had their latest gadget on show at CES called the Clickfree C2N. The C2N is a step up from the original Clickfree C2 in that it can now backup files on computers connected to a local network. Clickfree make the backup process simple and all that is required at a basic level is that you connect the drive up to a USB port on a PC, Laptop or Mac. When connected some software will autoload and files will be backed up.

The new network backups work by connecting the drive up to each PC on the network just once. When this is complete you can connect the Clickfree C2N to any of the computers and it will seek out all PC’s on the network and backup their files in to the one location.

Restoring files is also easy with the Clickfree C2N in that you connect up the drive to your computer, select restore, select which files to restore (if not all) and tell it to go. All files will be put back exactly where they were backed up from. This can help in a few ways such as when you are restoring accidentally deleted files, recovering from a crash or perhaps migrating to a new computer.

“Our C2N brings a new level of simplicity to network backup for the home or office. To take away any set-up or configuration requirements to perform multiple computer backup on a network is truly a breakthrough, said Bryan McLeod, CEO Clickfree Automatic Backup. “Imagine your mother, sister or brother now able to set-up a home network backup by simply plugging in our device once into each of the computers. We believe this takes convenience to a whole new level.”

The Clickfree C2N will be available from next month with prices starting at $159.99 for a 250GB model going up to $219.99 for the largest 640GB model. When we get our hands on a review sample we’ll let you know if it performs as well as described. Details along with a video of other products in the range can be found at Clickfree.

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