Clickfree Automatic Backup Hard Drive

clickfree-automatic-backupBackups of your data are essential these days because things do go wrong and you could loose data. No backup means you loose important stuff. Knowing that, most of us still do not bother with backups. Clickfree is a drive that automates this whole process for you. All you need to do is attach it to your PC or laptop and the backup software loads up automatically and your important files are backed up.

Clickfree drives comes in capacities starting at 120GB all the way up to 1TB from my understanding and as they are simple to use… ie, almost hands off, they are perfect for taking a quick backup of your important files ready for when the dreaded HD failure happens on your computer.

Clickfree 160GB Backup Hard Drive Features

* 160GB hard drive
* 2.5³ form factor
* 5400 RPM
* 8MB cache
* Works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
* Device Dimensions: 4.52³ x 0.67³ x 2.9

Available from Amazon currently costing just less then $80 for the 160GB model.

Via: GoPaulTech

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