Clevo Laptop Graphics Card

Clevo Laptop Graphics Card
We covered the Clevo 20 inch laptop the other day and it got me thinking more about the actual hardware it utilises to run that massive screen and keep the nice WSXGA+ LCD (1680 x 1050) resolution. The Clevo laptop graphics card actually comes in 3 different options. These are…

* Dual /SLI nVIDIA GeForceTM Go 7900 GTX (G71M-GTX) High performance
* Dual /SLI nVIDIA Quadro FX 2500M high performance graphic chip
* Dual /SLI nVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX(G71M-UU) high performance graphic chip

Those 3 cards are some seriously good kit and especially for a laptop. The 7900 GTX is capable of shifting 38.4GB/s of memory bandwidth and the 7950 GTX can shift 44.8 GB/s. The FX 2500M is capable of shifting 38.4GB/s also. Being able to shift all that data so quick makes these cards and laptop ideal for 3D graphics. As well as 3D graphics these clevo laptop graphics cards are capable of XHD (Extreme High Definition) which allows you to play the latest 3D games in high definition with out the frame rate loss. As well as this you can watch High Definition movies which are displayed using NVIDIAs PureVideo technology.

Before reading up on the graphics card for Clevo I was just expecting some onboard shared memory card. I was mistaken. Before you run out and buy one of these nice laptops take in to consideration that the Quadro FX 2500M has different specs to the Go 79xx series cards.

One last item to mention is the Clevo laptops are not the only 20 inch screen laptops to use these graphics cards. They actually build the chassis and companies like Alienware, Sager and VoodooPC customise them to suit their needs.

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