Clear iSpot 4G Hotspot for iPad and iPhone

The Clear iSpot is a mobile 4G hotspot designed to allow smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet at 4G speeds.

The device is designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and when those devices connect over a WiFi connection, they are then capable of accessing the internet at 4G speeds rather than the 3G speeds that currently can restrict them.

The iSpot is capable of allowing up to eight wireless devices to connect up to it and has been optimised for Apple [AAPL] products. We are not sure what that exactly means, but we assume any WiFi device with a fast enough connection will be able to get the same benefits from it.

The device is powered by battery and charged by a USB connection.

Price wise, it will set you back $99 for the iSpot it’s self and a service plan costs you $25/month for unlimited data although there is no contract supplied allowing you to get out whenever you like.

Via: SlashGear

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