Clear for iPhone Sees 350,000 Downloads within Days

Realmac Software released a new app a few days ago called Clear. Clear is a todo list type app that helps you keep your tasks in order. The Clear way of being a task manager was to make entering tasks simple. The whole UI is based around gestures. To create an item you pinch for example.

Since launch, the app has sold extremely well shifting over 350,000 copies to iPhone users around the world. That’s an impressive number. The app currently has a launch price of 69p in the UK which works out at about £169,000 after the cut that Apple takes from each app sold.

At the moment, Clear is only available for the iPhone. The company behind it will be launching a new version in the coming months for the iPad and we even hear that a Mac version is incoming. Although I haven’t seen any sync mentioned when it launches on other devices, I assume that tasks will easily sync between devices allowing users to keep all tasks the same across all devices.

We’ll report more when we hear it. If you haven’t downloaded clear yet, it is available over here. Also, take a look at the video below to see what its all about.


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