ClamCase turns Apple iPad in to a Laptop

ClamCase is a device that converts your Apple iPad in to a laptop style device. The unit has a keyboard that the iPad attaches to.

To connect the keyboard to the Apple iPad, Bluetooth is used. The idea appears to be just concept at the moment although the company behind it hope to have it available to purchase in the fall of this year. Prices are not known just yet either.

As well as converting your iPad to a laptop, it also serves as a protective case when folder up. Also, the keyboard can be opened up to allow the iPad to stand on it’s side, or prop up the iPad for easier use.

Although I thought I would hate this device when seeing the title, after watching the video it actually looks like they have created (or will create) something quite decent and handy to have for those wanting to carry a keyboard around with them.

The ClamCase website is currently down due to high server load, but it should be back up soon after the sudden influx of traffic. The site goes over the case in a bit more detail.

Video below…

Via: Giz

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