Circuit Board Christmas Tree

Circuitboard Christmas Tree
Today we saw the 1st December 2006 appear on our callendars. This means that it’s not long till christmas day and what better way to start then with a circuitboard christmas tree decoration. Acorn Studios have created the christmas tree circuitboard which is basically and old cut off from a calculator or something similar and it’s shaped in to a triangle with some metal wire soldered on the top and shaped in to a star. This “was” available for 19.95 dollars but due to demand, or lack of calculators, they no longer have them in stock. However, I am sure you all have the technical know how, to make one of these your self. Just dont go burning your self on the soldering iron.

Via: OhGizmo


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  2. NubShobsedNub says

    Does anyone how to unlock this phone. if yes what does one use it to unlock it. Thanks

  3. @NubShobsedNub… It’s not a phone, it’s a Christmas tree.

  4. tooriatiant says

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    I hope you help

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