Chrome OS Laptop Video Hid MENSA Puzzle – Solver gets Cr-48

Last week we posted a video of a bunch of new Google Chrome OS laptops being destroyed in various ways. To most people the message they would have got is that Chome OS is cloud based and you just get another Chrome OS device to carry on from where you left off.

Sylvain Zimmer had other ideas though. 2:24 in to the video an equation can be seen on a chalkboard in the background. Zimmer spent the whole day solving the puzzle which somehow equates to 19 16 05 05 04 01 14 04 04 05 19 20 18 15 25 when broken up and in his words, any geek could figure out that this says speedanddestroy. Entering those three words on the end of a URL it took him to a page which told him he was the first to find the particular page and that because of this he could have a free Cr-48 laptop sent to him.

Visiting the page now just shows that the offer is now ended. So, next time you see some fancy equation you know where you need to focus your attention!

Via: Geek

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